167 Acres Bieber / Burney CA It is about 82 miles from Redding and 66 miles from Hwy 36 in Susanville. Also it is 3 miles from Hwy 139 in Bieber.  and 2.5 miles down Susanville Rd A2, which is just .5 miles west of Hwy 139. Anderson Ranch Road is also USFS Rd 38N02 and when it leaves the south line of the property there is another USFS rd sign 37N02.Directions to 167 Acres Burney/Bieber, CA
(directions from the property) its a total of 65.9 miles from Hwy 36 in Susanville to the property: 1.7 miles from property to the Kemp Ranch driveway, 2.0 Miles to the Jerry Parks Ranch, 2.2 miles to Willow Creek Bridge, 2.5 miles to Susanville Rd A 2. and 3.0 miles to Hwy 139 to the east.

From Reno 395 turns into Hwy 139 and goes to Susanville. From Susanville take Hwy 139 65.9 miles to the Susanville Rd A2 / Bieber turnoff on left. Then go .5 mile to a left on Anderson Ranch Rd, then 2.5 miles down Anderson Ranch Road going pas Kemp Ranch to My sign on the left. Walt Wilson Real Estate.

It is 82 miles from Redding using Hwy 299 to Right on Susanville Rd A2.