by Walt Wilson at Walt Wilson Real Estate

Walt Wilson handles all aspects of your timber or timberland sale, marketing, and providing Registered Professional Foresters
who will prepare your Timber Harvest Plan (THP) and Cruise the Timber for its Volume.
In addition we work with many professional Logging companies who can log your timber and deliver to the Mills at the best possible prices.

Walt has two years of Forestry Education from Sierra College and has helped many property owners.
With My Expertise I can obtain the best possible prices for your land and or timber.
Moreover, I can be onsite to manage the Logging operation to make sure your assets are protected.
I managed this timber sale and sold the land afterwards saving the owner over $100,000.

Call Walt at 530-446-6548 or email me at    walt@waltwilson.com

Texas Hill logging photo1 Texas hill Logging photo2
Texas Hill Logging photo3